Free Training Sessions

Since 2015, Future Art Movement organises free training sessions for the Bboys and Bgirls from Brussels and beyond. Depending of the time, there are between 3 and 5 sessions organised every week of the year.

Those free training sessions are organised  with the support of our partners De Pianofabriek and De Kriekelaar  who offer us training spaces for free.

If you want to join us at the practice, feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page !!

As an addition to our free training sessions, we organise once a year the FAM JAM : a free jam based on exchanging and preparing for the real battles. 

The FAM JAM is all about cyphers and chill but to spice it up a little we organise a few exhibition battles between dancers of all levels that have styles that match each other. All the battles are minimum 5 rounds as the idea is that the dancers test themselves at the jam to be more prepared for the real competitions.

You can find all the FAM JAM battles on our Youtube channel  !!